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ethikos Jan 2021

Ethikos has a rich and long history of examining ethical issues in business and the changing trends. This monthly newsletter features articles by ethics and compliance professionals, case studies, and interviews with leaders who are shaping today’s corporate ethical cultures. All facets of corporate ethics are explored, including these recent topics

  • How to build corporate culture
  • Communicating ethics to a changing audience
  • Interviews with leaders in business ethics including: Professor Paul Fiorelli, JD, MBA, Director, Cintas Institute for Business Ethics, Xavier University, and Alexander Stein, PhD, Founder, Dolus Advisors, and Principal, Boswell Group 
  • How ethics and compliance officers interact with ESG principles

Ethikos articles are written with the ethics and compliance professionals’ needs in mind. They offer tips and how to information when appropriate, so they are clear, newsworthy, and provide helpful details ethics professionals may use.

View sample articles from ethikos on SCCE & HCCA's content platform, COSMOS:

How Google’s workforce took over the board

Understanding what is ethically right vs. what is legally right

Another look at human trafficking

Ethics and values-based business cultures: Are they still relevant?

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