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As part of our mission, SCCE is eager to help both compliance related employers and job seekers find each other. 

  • Get seen by candidate dedicated to the field of compliance & ethics
  • Job posts sent to 30,000+ compliance professionals in biweekly emails.
  • Our job board receives 20,000 visits per month.

Listings are posted on our website for 90 days for $500 per position. If your position has been filled prior to the 90-day expiration date, please email us to have it removed.

You can post your compliance job listing using the secure form below. If you do not see a form, please sign in to either your membership account or free account.

Editing a Job Post

For minor changes, please email us. Be sure to tell us the specific listing to edit and what exactly you need changed.  For edits that appear in multiple places in a listing, please email new copy as Word document attachment.

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