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Terms & Conditions

Registration Fees. Are as listed and considered net of any local withholding taxes applicable in your country of residence.  

Tax Deductibility. All expenses incurred to maintain or improve skills in your profession may be tax deductible, including tuition, travel, lodging, and meals. Please consult your tax advisor. 

Registration Payment Terms. Checks are payable to SCCE. Credit cards accepted: American Express, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover. SCCE will charge your credit card the correct amount should your total be miscalculated. If you wish to pay using wire transfer funds, please email for instructions. 

Due to PCI compliance, please do not provide any credit card information via email. You may email the PDF registration form (without credit card information) and call SCCE at +1 952.933.4977 or 888.277.4977 with your credit card information. 

Conference Registration/Access. Whether the conference is in person or virtual, each attendee must have their own registration. Only registered attendees are allowed to stream, participate, and earn CEUs for the conference. If a second person wishes to join, they must register themselves and have their own unique login to participate. 

With the exception of webinars, each registration allows for one connection to the webinar. If you have multiple people in different locations participating, we suggest purchasing additional lines, or buying a copy of the session recording. Additional lines can be purchased at a discounted rate by emailing While SCCE will allow for virtual screen sharing within the same company, there are platform restrictions, not within our control, that may prohibit these capabilities, which is why we have offered additional lines at a discounted rate. 

Group Discount Policy. Group discounts are available when multiple people from the same organization attend the conference together. Discounts take effect the day a group reaches the discount number of registrants. Please send registration forms together to ensure that the discount is applied. A separate registration form is required for each registrant. The group discount is NOT available through online registration. Note that discounts will NOT be applied retroactively if more registrants are added at a later date, but new registrants will receive the group discount. 

Cancellation Policy. No refunds will be given for cancellations. If you need to cancel your participation, your request must be submitted by email to A conference credit will be issued for all registration fees paid (minus any cancellation fee) and will expire 12 months from the date of the original canceled event. Conference credits will not be issued if you do not attend the event and have not requested cancellation prior to the event start date. Conference credits may be applied toward any SCCE event, service, or product. If a conference credit is applied toward an event, the event must take place prior to the credit’s expiration date. Alternatively, you may choose to send a substitute attendee in your place. An additional fee may apply depending upon the membership status of the substitute. Substitution requests must be submitted by email to  

Academy Cancellation Fee. A $250 fee will be charged for any registration changed within seven days of the start of an Academy (Basic, Research, Privacy, Domestic, or International). 

Membership Refunds/Cancellations/Transfers. We do not offer refunds for our membership fees. If applicable you may transfer your membership to another member of your organization at no charge. A transferred membership will use the remainder of the original membership term. 
Memberships are owned by the individual on the account, even if the member leaves an organization or if the membership was paid for by that organization. If an employer loses membership due to a departing employee, that organization can obtain a six-month membership free of charge for an individual who does not currently have a membership. The six-month membership will not be added to an existing membership that an individual already holds. 

Use of Your Information. To find out how SCCE may use your information, please read our Privacy Statement. If you wish to opt-out, please follow the process set out in the Privacy Statement. 

As a participant in an SCCE event, your information may be received by exhibitors at the conference, other attendees, as well as our affiliates and partners who we may share it with for marketing or networking purposes (such as our attendee list).  

In addition, you may have the opportunity to share additional information to specific sponsors by participating in extra activities such as badge scanning, photo sharing, and contests.  

Agreements and Acknowledgements. I agree and acknowledge that I am undertaking participation in SCCE events and activities as my own free and intentional act, and I am fully aware that possible physical injury might occur to me as a result of my participation in these events. I give this acknowledgement freely and knowingly and assert that I am, as a result, able to participate in SCCE events, and I do hereby assume responsibility for my own well-being.  

Photo and Video Release. I agree and acknowledge that SCCE plans to take photographs and/or video at a SCCE event and reproduce them in educational, news, or promotional materials, whether in print, electronic, or other media, including the SCCE website. By participating in an SCCE conference, I grant SCCE the right to use my name, photograph, video, and biography for such purposes.  

Session Selection. Preconference session selection is not required. Your choices will be used to assist in planning. You are not obligated to attend the sessions you select. Some sessions may be first come, first serve and are not listed in the session selection.  

Session Recordings. Some of our events are recorded and registered attendees and non-attendees have the option to purchase extended access to the recordings for an additional fee.  

Purchased recordings are for individual use only and may not be rebroadcast, shared, or disseminated. Only the registered (and paid) attendee will have access to listen and earn CCB CEUs for session recordings. Session availability is subject to change. Not all conferences/sessions will be recorded. If a session does not appear on the session recording form, a recording of it may not be available. Please call 888.580.8373 with any questions. 

Session Recording Cancellations: There are no refunds for session recordings once they have been sent out. 

For In-Person Registrations: By proceeding and submitting your registration you are also confirming that you have read and agree to the Personal Accountability Commitment, the Assumption of Risk and Liability Waiver.

Personal Accountability Commitment: Any public space where other people are present holds an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 and other communicable diseases. I will take necessary precautions while at the event including, but not limited to personal hygiene and hand sanitization, adherence to pathway signage and self-monitoring and self-reporting. You are asked to contact SCCE at if you experience symptoms of COVID-19 within 10 days after participating in the SCCE event. Any private health or personal data that may be received by SCCE in connection with such measures and precautions will be treated as confidentially as possible.

You should not attend an SCCE event if you are experiencing, or within the 10 days prior to the program have experienced, symptoms associated with the flu or COVID-19. You also should not attend if you believe that you may have been exposed to a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 or have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and are not yet cleared as non-contagious by state or local public health authorities or the health care team responsible for your treatment.

Assumption of Risk: By submitting this registration, I acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases, and voluntarily assume the risk that I may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 or other communicable disease by attending this SCCE event, and the consequences of such exposure. It is my choice to participate in this event, knowing that attending this event may increase the risk of becoming exposed to and infected by COVID-19 or other communicable disease. I voluntarily agree to assume the risk of contracting COVID-19 or other communicable disease, and I accept sole responsibility for any injury or illness to myself or others.

Liability Waiver: In consideration of being permitted to participate in the SCCE event I hereby waive, release from liability, assume all risks, and covenant not to sue SCCE & HCCA or its officers, board members, employees, agents, and representatives (the "SCCE & HCCA Parties") for any expense, loss, damage, personal injury (including loss of life, disability, or serious harm), property damage or theft, negligence, or actions (each, a "Loss") resulting from or arising in connection with my travel to, attendance at, or participation in the SCCE event and any related activities unless said Loss is caused by the sole, gross negligence of SCCE. I further hereby release, agree not to sue, discharge, and hold harmless SCCE & HCCA, its officers, board members, employees, agents, and representatives, from all Losses relating to COVID-19 or other communicable diseases. I understand and agree that this release includes any and all claims based on the actions, omissions, or negligence of SCCE & HCCA, its officers, employees, agents, or representatives.

This assumption of risk and waiver applies even if the undersigned asserts that SCCE & HCCA was at fault for not taking greater precautions to manage exposure or infection from COVID-19 and other communicable diseases. I agree that this waiver and release shall bind me and my personal representatives, shall be enforceable to the fullest and broadest extent of the law, and, if any portion is held invalid, the remainder should continue in full legal force and effect.

SCCE & HCCA considers the health and safety of all those at in-person programs our top priority. During these challenging times, SCCE & HCCA is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all our in-person program participants and staff. Although participants should recognize that there is risk involved in attending, SCCE will be following preventative measures to reduce the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus and other communicable disease at its in-person event in accordance with guidance provided by CDC, and/or local or state government agencies, and its partnering hotel. SCCE staff will be trained, in the knowledge necessary to monitor, enforce, and handle compliance with safety protocols and procedures

Sessions and Speakers. SCCE reserves the right to make changes to the program at any time as circumstances dictate. Every effort will be made to ensure a program of equivalent standard and value should unavoidable changes occur. SCCE does not accept liability for advice given, or views expressed, by any speaker at the conference or in any material provided to attendees 
Special Needs or Accommodations. Please call SCCE at +1 952.933.4977 or 888.277.4977 or if you have a special need and require accommodation to participate.

Grievance Policy. Persons wishing to file a complaint may do so. The complaint must be submitted by email or mail to or to: 
Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics (SCCE) 
Attn: Compliance Officer c/o April Kiel 
6462 City West Parkway 
Eden Prairie, MN 55344 
The submitter should include a full explanation as to the reason for the complaint, along with any applicable supporting documentation explaining the complaint. 

These terms and conditions can change.