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402 When Change Must Succeed: What Can We Learn from Journeys from Shame to Change

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Main Points Covered:

  • In today’s fast changing economic environment, things can go wrong in an organization. Looking at an organization’s most important asset, its people, what happens in the mindset of good people when they start doing bad things?
  • When bad news and events do erupt, it can turn an entire organization upside down, often because of an ensuing investigation. How do people in the organization cope with such intense scrutiny, while still struggling with the realities of the need for a sudden change in mindset and culture?
  • Faced with the consequences of the uprooting events, what is the appropriate response by an organization to ensure damage control? What are the mandates and commitments needed to demonstrate to both internal and external stakeholders that the commitment to change is about real, systemic, and sustainable transformation, and not an ethical spinning solution?
  • Looking at the individual experience of Richard Bistrong, and the collective journey of Volkswagen, as shared by Thomas Meiers, the head of the Central Coordination Monitor of VW, we invite you to participate in very real-world discussion about people in an organization and sustainable change


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