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Managing Third-Party Compliance Risks after COVID-19

Daniel M. Hartnett Associate Managing Director, Compliance, Risk and Diligence Kroll, a Division of Duff & Phelps

• COVID-19 has accelerated the emerging trend of companies rethinking and possibly reengineering global supply chain networks
• This will increase pressure upon compliance teams to minimize their firm’s exposure to third-party regulatory and reputational risk, often in a “do more with less” environment
• Ensuring due diligence best practices are in place can help compliance teams support their firm’s global supply chain recovery efforts


The Challenges of Maintaining a Consistent Ethics Program Across Multiple Cultures and Remote Locations

Steven Pegg Senior Ethics Officer, Lockheed Martin International - Europe, Middle East & Africa
Jennifer Whitmore UK Ethics Officer, Lockheed Martin

• Cultural Alignment—Experiences and examples of how to deploy an ethics program that appreciates the culture not only at different geographic locations but also from different heritage businesses, even domestically
• Managing Remote Locations—Situations that led to the development of a remote and small site international playbook and experiences of using it to achieve a consistent approach to managing the program and gathering feedback consistent
• Using Ethics Representatives—Use of parttime ethics representatives can greatly extend the reach and range of the ethics program and result in a local deployment of the common ethics program in tune with the local culture


Information Security: Building a Security Culture

Krizi Trivisani Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Howard University

• Creating a cybersecurity aware culture
• Embedding cybersecurity awareness in your compliance program

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Managing Ethics in a Time of Crisis: How to Pivot Your Ethics Program to not Only Address the Current Crisis but Also Support the Culture and Influence Change Within the Organization

Courtney Wallize, CCEP Corporate Director Ethics Northrop Grumman Corporation
Sandra Evers-Manly Vice President, Global Corporate Responsibility Northrop Grumman Corporation

• Strategies and ideas on how ethics organizations can adjust their programs to address new realities and risks during times of change, like #metoo, COVID-19 and Social Justice
• Helping employees and leaders deal with change and be resilient in times of crisis
• Moving from surviving to thriving – taking the opportunity to influence change within the organization

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Behavioral Ethics and Compliance

Jeff Kaplan Partner Kaplan & Walker LLP Jim Knapp Investigations Manager Freddie Mac

• Practical lessons for using behavioral ethics in developing effective compliance programs.
• Behavioral ethics approaches to risk and program assessment.
• Using behavioral ethics in compliance, training, communications, and investigations

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Interpersonal Conflict Resolution Skills for Ethics & Compliance Professionals

Anne R. Harris Principal Ethics Works LLC

• Conflict Resolution challenges we face in our roles: sometimes as participants, sometimes as mediators
• Critical interpersonal skills we need for conflict resolution: back to basics with Active Listening and Emotional Intelligence
• Getting to resolution when long-term relationships matter. Trust, creative problem-solving, and win-win outcomes