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Global Changes/Emerging Trends in Privacy and Security

Adam Sand, CEO, Shopkick

Kari Kelly, Attorney, Kelly Corporate Counsel
Deanna Tyler, Senior Privacy Counsel, Looker
Kimberly Culp, Director, Carr McClellan

• Notable changes in law/regulation
• Current enforcement practices
 How companies are responding

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Accountability and Compliance in the Age of AI

Anupam Datta, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

• How AI black boxes threaten societal values, including privacy and fairness
• Research progress on opening up AI black boxes to discover and mitigate their problems
• Engineering tools to support accountability and compliance activities in the age of AI


Fine-tuning Your Company’s Enterprise Risk Management Orchestra

Volker Pasternak, PhD, Director Compliance and Legal, EPRI
Minel Diaz, Internal Audit Manager Americas, VMware

• How compliance, internal audit, risk, legal, and other functions view their roles in risk management
• How assigning risk ownership can benefit the collaboration between functions
• Examples of collaboration: risk frameworks, risk appetite statements and reporting to the board


Building a New Compliance Program—Dos and Don’ts

Laraine McKinnon, Advisor, Talent & Culture Strategist, Emtrain

Panel: Megan Bell, Head of Security, Privacy, and Compliance, Human API
Sue Gong, Attorney & Consultant, SH Gong Law Firm
Suhani Akhare, Director, Senior Corporate Counsel Anaplan, Inc.

• Starting with a well-defined business and regulatory context to avoid silos
• Core values and best practices as the program foundation
• Meaningful metrics to ensure accountability across the organization


Reducing Implicit Bias in the Workplace

Michelle Greer Galloway, Of Counsel, Cooley LLP

Substantial research supports the finding that unconscious or implicit bias influences us personally and professionally. This session explores the connection between implicit bias and behavior.
• How does it impact engagement and team effectiveness and productivity?
• Learn about the current research on how to counter and reduce implicit bias.
• Learn how to be a more inclusive, effective, team member.


Ethics and Privacy

Adriana Beach, Privacy and Corporate Counsel, 23andMe
Lydia F. de la Torre, Privacy Fellow/Program Co-Director/ Professor, Santa Clara Law School

• How data protection and ethics can serve as a decision-making framework.
• How society should move towards advancing the future; privacy is not the only open question.
• The role of the consumer creating and enforcing data ethics in technology