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2018 Compliance and Ethics Institute - Recordings

P1: Ethics & Compliance Risk Management 101: Program Essentials and Effective Practice
P2: AT&T’s Compliance Training Evolution/Revolution
P3: A Tale of Two Companies—Experiencing the Best of Times and the Worst of Times through the Eyes of Two Organizations that Considered Themselves Ethical
P4: Anti-Corruption Workshop: FCPA and other Anti-Corruption Enforcement Hot Topics and Compliance Best Practices
P5: Audits Conducted Under Attorney Client Privilege: How to Manage the “ACP” Framework During an Audit Engagement
P6: Launching Ladies into Senior Leadership
P7: Building a Culture of Compliance Learning Excellence—4 Multi-Nationals Share Their Insight
P8: Preventing Harassment: Can Compliance Ever Succeed?
P9: Investigations Workshop
P10: Trade Compliance Risks: What You Don’t Know, Can Hurt You!
P11: Ethics 101 from Theory to Application: What Would Kant Think About Tarantino Flix?
P12: Facebook and Equifax: Meeting Increased Customer Expectations, Not Just Regulatory Requirements
P13: Enforcement Goes International-What Does it Mean for Your Compliance Program?
P14: Federal Contractor—2018 Compliance Update
P15: Technology & Compliance: Understanding the Risks and Maximizing the Benefits
P16: New Beginnings: Starting your Compliance Program and What Needs to be Included
P18: Investigations Workshop (continued from P9)
101: Social Media: Risks & Redemption
102: Advancing a Culture of Integrity by Building Strong Climates
103: A Modern Day Construction Industry Compliance Program
104: Challenges of working with Intermediaries in Emerging Markets
105: Compliance Oversight for Boards and Management
106: AI Is Coming: Future-proof Your Career and Your Compliance Program
107: Compliance & Ethics Training: What You Need to Know
108: Compliance Fast and Slow - Lessons from Behavioral Economics
109: Practices in Ethics and Compliance (E&C) Program Management That Can Undermine the Effectiveness of Your E&C Program
110: Just Listen: Silently Connecting to the Untold Stories to Shape Culture
201: Global Antitrust Compliance—Assessing Risks and Creating an Effective Antitrust Program
202: Ethical Considerations for Compliance Officers and Lawyers
203: Building Awareness: Creatively Branding and Marketing Your “Comply Ant” Program
204: Artificial Intelligence in Third Party Compliance
205: Start-ups, Autonomous Cars and Everything (Compliance) In Between: Compliance Program Management, Issues & Challenges From the Perspective of GM and Cruise Automation
206: Corporate Compliance and Information Technology Challenges—Business Confidentiality and Employment Agreement, Communication with Competitors, Cyber Security and Privacy Laws
207: How to Score your Compliance Program using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Metrics, Maturity Ratings and Other Approaches
208: MGM Resorts International: Journey to the Future of Mobile & Augmented Reality
209: Repeat Complainers: Chronic Complainers or the Forgotten
301: M&A Transactions: Tactics and Strategies for Effectively Managing Ethics and Compliance Risk
302: Business Ethics 101: Why do People Cheat
303: Are You Considering Offering a Compliance Week? (or How to Create a Compliance Week That Doesn’t Suck.)
304: Communications Best Practices for a Global Workforce
305: Counseling Compliance in Small to Medium Sized Businesses
306: Putting People First: Protection of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in a Landscape of Constant Change
307: Privacy Trends Around the World and the Implications to a Global Organization
308: What If Model: Leverage Organizational Resources to Craft Compliance Training (and Certification)
309: Managing Third Party Compliance Programs on a Global Scale
310: Making Connections Count: Tips to Gain Value Through Networking
401: Working with Uncle Sam: Managing Compliance Risk when Providing Services to the U.S. Government
402: Demystifying Forensic Accounting
403: Building a Corporate Culture that Combats Sexual Misconduct
404: Global Compliance—One Size Does Not Fit All
405: Dos and Don’ts for Compliance Personnel at International Non-Profits
406: Software License Compliance: Costly, Challenging, Changing, and Continuing Chaos: Why It’s Hard, Intensifying, and Sub-Radar, & What To Do To Risk-Mitigate and Contribute Effectively
407: Decades into Maturing Compliance Programs, Are Anonymous Reporters Treated with the Respect They Deserve?
408: Effective Use of Forensic Data Analytics to Mitigate Compliance Risks
409: Advanced Ethics and Compliance Program Design
410: The 7 Habits of an Effective Compliance and Ethics Professional
501: Using Privacy Impact Assessments Effectively
502: Developing a Culturally Competent Compliance Program
503: Adopting an Internal Control—Integrated Framework, Benefits for Non-Profit Organizations
504: Crash Course on United Kingdom and Ireland Regulations for US Companies
505: Leveraging Recent Developments in the Law to Advance Your Program
506: The EU General Data Protection Regulation: What We Know, Six Months In
507: Get What You Need Out of Your Gift, Entertainment, and Travel (GET) Policy and Approval System
508: Innovative Strategies for Fostering a Compliance Culture
509: Decades to Build, Seconds to Destroy: Proactive Compliance On Your Own Terms to Avoid or Mitigate An Enforcement Action
510: Building Culture through Communication and Engagement
601: RIM: It’s Not Just about the Records
602: Ethical Considerations of Artificial Intelligence
603: Built in, Not Bolt on: Creating a Compliance Program for a Tech Startup
604: Foreign Agents, Partners & Intermediaries: You Can’t Live With Them, But You Can’t Live Without Them
605: Preventing Harassment and Discrimination: Why the Current System Fails and What to do About it
606: Creating Cyber Incident Response Plans
607: What Are the OIGs - and Why You Should Care
608: OFAC Sanctions: Navigating the Minefield
609: Building an Ethics Culture & Compliance Program through a Corporate Business Mentor-Protégé Program
610: Outstanding Collaboration: Can’t We Just All Get Along?
701: Divided Loyalties: Conflict of Interest Risks, Impact and Effective Management Strategies
702: Unethical Acts—Why We do What We do
703: Lights! Camera! Compliance! …How Making a Movie Changed Our Culture
704: While You Were Sleeping: Insights about the Realities of Ethics & Compliance in Asia with a Focus on Bribery and Corruption
705: To Privilege or Not to Privilege: The Role of Attorney Advice in Performing Risk Assessments and Running a Compliance Program
706: Who, What, Why: PCI
707: They made the news, but you don’t have to!
708: The Road to ISO 37001 Anti-bribery Management Systems: How We Got There and Why it’s Worth it
710: LinkedIn 2.0: How to Maximize your LinkedIn Membership
W1: Vendor Risk Management in Practice: Three Steps to Take for the Three Capabilities You Need
W2: How to Conduct a High-Quality Ethics and Compliance Program Evaluation
W3: International Fraud, Ethics and Culture Seen Through the Lens of a Fraud Examiner
W4: Avoiding Investigation Pitfalls: A Boots on the Ground Perspective
W5: Never Hearing “I Told You So”—Best Practices for Preparing and Responding to a Federal Investigation
W7: Around the World in 80 Minutes
W8: Millennial is a Dangerous Word: A conversation about bias and stereotypes in the workplace
W9: Leave No Stone Unturned: Looking for Hidden Risks
W10: I Would Never Do That! How Your Brain Circumvents Ethics and Compliance Efforts
W11: Turning the Tide of Your Culture without Being Hit by a Tsunami
W12: Dancing with Danger: How to Respond to the Changing Risk Environment in Latin America
W13: Yin and Yang—Leveraging the Strengths of Legal and Compliance
W14: Everything 3rd, 4th, & Nth Party Risk Management: Understanding the Key Elements of an Effective Privacy & Cybersecurity Program - Contracting, Due Diligence, Auditing & Monitoring, Remediating Gaps, Terminating
W15: Designing a Built-In Compliance Program
GS2: What an Art Forger Can Teach Us About Manipulation and Non-Compliance