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Handout - 2018 - Regional - Boston - March 23



Managing Data Transfers between US and EU and Everywhere Else

  • Effective methods for data transfers
  • Preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation
  • Embedding ethics and trust into privacy practices

Presentation (2 slides/page)
Presentation (3 slides/page)

Robert Bond, Partner & Notary Public, Bristows LLP, EU and US data privacy challenges


Are You Considering Offering a Compliance Week? (or How to Create a Compliance Week That Doesn’t Suck.)

  • Case study on how to create a memorable and arguably entertaining compliance week for 100 distracted Homo Sapiens, under a 4 month deadline, and with limited resources.
  • Should you even hold a compliance week? What company culture and evolution can tell you about whether your company is ready for a compliance week program.
  • How a compliance week can be used to create greater program efficiencies; advance compliance culture; and make you, your company, and your compliance program look great.

Presentation (2 slides/page)
Presentation (3 slides/page)

Michael Henry, Senior US Legal Counsel, Emera Energy


Promoting a Fearless Speak-Up Culture in the Age of #MeToo

  • We’ll discuss exactly what we mean by a Speak-Up Culture (Things may not be what we perceive them to be.)
  • We’ll look at the importance of having Engaged Management at all levels, and identify some techniques for making them the key to an open culture.
  • Finally, we will identify metrics that can be utilized to demonstrate that a Fearless Speak-up Culture exists within your organization.

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Presentation (3 slides/page)

Albert G. Gagne, MBA, CCEP, Former Director, Ethics & Compliance, Textron Systems Corporation (retired)

A Brave New World: Creating a Data-Driven Compliance Organization

  • The mindset and attributes of a data-focused compliance professional
  • How you can leverage data analytics to supercharge your compliance program
  • Success stories: How compliance teams can use data to influence business improvement

Presentation (2 slides/page)
Presentation (3 slides/page)

Jenn Cloutier, Head of Retiree Middle Market, MassMutual Direct to Consumer

Robert C. Greif, Assistant Vice President, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company


High Pressure Culture

  • Review of the Fraud Triangle, popular among the audit world, and how its principles can apply to a range of misconduct;
  • How to use the Fraud Triangle as a risk assessment tool, to help understand the weak areas in corporate culture, behavior, and controls;
  • How to apply the ‘Anti-Fraud Triangle’ to remediate those weaknesses, and how to use Anti-Fraud Triangle principles as a roadmap for investment in compliance programs.

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Presentation (3 slides/page)

Matt Kelly, Editor & CEO, Radical Compliance


The ABC’s of Compliance Hiring: Attracting, Building and Caring for your Best Compliance Workforce

  • Attracting: The ride of compliance as a discipline and the new compliance workforce, alternative sources of hiring, strategies for interviewing, what makes a good compliance officer
  • Building: Evaluating the competencies of your team, recommended professional development initiatives, skills necessary of a compliance officer
  • Caring: Alleviating the 3B’s of boredom, burn out and bad habits, motivating your team and mentoring to foster growth and development

Presentation (2 slides/page)
Presentation (3 slides/page)

Barbara Boehler, Regulatory Compliance Consultant, Wolters Kluwer Financial Service

Quaime V. Lee, Associate Director, Suffolk University Law School, Office of Professional and Career Development (PCD)