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Handout - 2018 - Regional - Atlanta - June 8




Innovative Strategies for Fostering a Compliance Culture

  • There’s a bot for that: How to use artificial intelligence for communication initiatives and as a resource for employees, including lessons learned from developing the pilot through go-live
  • Highlights from a successful and engaging global launch of a Code of Business Conduct, with key strategies for reaching offline and online employees
  • Helpful tips for incorporating ethics and compliance messages into business communications, including manager messages
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Stephanie Hillhouse, Sr. Ethics & Compliance Manager, The Coca-Cola Company

Travis N. Waugh, Instructional Technologist, Human Resources, Georgia Institute of Technology


Investigative Interviewing: What Researchers Have Found Works and Doesn’t Work

  • Learn how to use scientifically validated interviewing techniques proven to obtain more information from witnesses
  • Learn advanced interviewing techniques that make it easier to differentiate between truth-tellers and those who are deceptive
  • Learn how to apply the “Cognitive Interview,” which is the most widely researched and scientifically validated interviewing technique in the world

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Michael Johnson, CEO, Clear Law Institute


#MeToo – Views From Both Sides

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L. Chris Stewart, Managing Partner, Stewart, Seay & Felton Trial Attorneys

Antonette Sewell, Regional Attorney, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Atlanta District

Insider Threat: Detecting the Bad Actors?

  • The Insider Threat Phenomenon
  • Detection & Mitigation
  • Program Governance & Corporate Responsibility

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Kimberly T. O’Grady, Intelligence Analyst, Lockheed Martin Counterintelligence Operations & Corporate Investigations


Anonymous Reporting – Expectations and Best Practices

  • This interactive presentation will cover regulatory guidance and best practices regarding the reporting of potential compliance issues, including: General compliance reporting expectations
  • Sampling of reporting mechanisms employed by select U.S. and international companies
  • The importance of an effective compliance reporting process

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Vera Powell, Associate, Special Matters and Government Investigations, King & Spalding LLP


Hotline Reporting is More Important Than Ever: The Latest Findings From the 2018 Hotline Benchmark Report

  • Substantiation rates for employee hotline reports are on the rise in every category and the trend in substantiation of HR-related cases is particularly notable.
  • There was an uptick in harassment-related reports in late 2017 that coincides with the rise of the #MeToo movement. Is this the tip of the iceberg or a blip in the system?
  • Organizations are not getting the opportunity to address allegations of retaliation but when they do, they are more likely to be substantiated. What does this mean for ethics and compliance programs?
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Carrie Penman, Chief Compliance Officer and Senior Vice President, Advisory Services, NAVEX Global