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Handout - 2018 - Regional - Anchorage - June 21/22



The Risks in Assessing Risk

  • We’ll look at behavioral research that shows how bad humans can be at assessing risk.
  • Interactive segments will test the audience’s ability to assess risk and probability.
  • Finally, this session will suggest how to avoid falling into the common traps.
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Adam Turteltaub, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, and International Programs SCCE/HCCA


Effective Human Trafficking Compliance: Practical Steps for Combating Modern Day Slavery in Your Corporate Supply Chains

  • The ILO estimates over 25M current victims of human trafficking in the form of forced or bonded labor. Combating this affront to human dignity is a top federal enforcement priority, with support across the political spectrum.
  • In a global economy that includes unscrupulous manpower companies, debt bondage, document servitude and wage and housing violations, hear how compliance officers can effectively address the internal and supply chain risks of human trafficking.
  • Learn best practices for identifying trafficking practices, compliance strategies and risk mitigation, sources of law and guidance, toolkits and technologies you can use to position your compliance.

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Miranda L. Strong, Bering Straits Native Corporation


Managing Cybersecurity Risk

At the conclusion of this presentation, attendees should be able to identify and discuss:

  • Continuous Risk Management Strategy
  • Today’s Threat Landscape and Types of Attacks
  • Cybersecurity Risk Management Overview
  • Understanding Your Risk
  • Cybersecurity Mitigation
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Jeff Hemphill, Partner, Central Region Leader - Advisory Services, BDO USA, LLP

Jamey Loupe, Senior Manager, IT Risk Advisory, Services, BDO USA, LLP

A View of Workforce Training Challenges in Compliance and Information Security

  • Compliance and Information Security professionals sometimes present facts they believe are important and presume those facts are contextually understood, and relevant, to the current activity.
  • The workforce often lacks the compliance and technical knowledge to consume the targeted training it receives in the necessary context to be effective.
  • Workforce behavior is negatively influenced due to a lack of facts.

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Mark Boutwell, Intelligence Analysis Technical Director, Department of Defense


Data Security: Internal Compliance and Third-Party Risks

  • The current cyber threat environment
  • Data Breaches
  • Cyber Legal and Regulatory Landscape
  • How to Protect your business
  • Implementing a Data Security Program
  • Third party risks & Due Diligence
  • Contractual considerations
  • Incident Response Planning – being prepared to react and minimize harm

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Kevin Feldis, Former First Assistant United States Attorney and Criminal Division Chief, US Attorney’s Office for Alaska; Partner, Perkins Coie LLP


Access, Security & Audits – OH MY!

  • Consider insider threats to information access, sharing and IT security
  • Options to mitigate the insider threat
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Ute Kragl, Former Compliance Officer, Department of Defense, JBER AK





Avoiding the Pitfalls of Investigation Bias

  • Identify and understand implicit bias risks in investigations
  • Learn techniques for countering the effects of bias
  • Best practices for minimizing risk of bias allegations
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Gerry Zack, Incoming CEO SCCE & HCCA


Lessons Learned from #MeToo; what compliance programs can do to prevent a conspiracy of silence

  • • It’s been 20 years since the Supreme Court rulings in Faragher and Ellerth made corporate anti-harassment efforts routine, yet there are more headlines than ever about blatant acts of harassment.
  • An Open Work Environment can lay the foundation for a culture of “speak up” rather than retaliation.
  • Discuss best practices for creating, maintaining, and gaining management support for an Open Work Environment.

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Susan A. Parkes, General Counsel & Vice President, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company


Advanced Discussion Group

  • Recent Cases of Board Involvement – Weinstein, Wells Fargo, Wynn
  • Ethics vs compliance vs compliance programs
  • The word compliance in job titles of people not in compliance
  • Moral Outrage and Due Process

No presentation available

Roy Snell, CEO SCCE & HCCA

Building and Maintaining an Effective Compliance and Ethics Program: A Practical Approach

  • Branding Your Compliance Program
  • Demonstrating Value to Your Management team and Business Units
  • Practical approaches to pro-actively identify and address compliance risks
  • Developing partnering relationship to enhance compliance
  • Managing expectations with regard to investigations and remediation activity

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Odell Guyton, CCEP, CCEP-I; Managing Director, Klink & Co. Inc.; Co-Founder, SCCE